We don’t have many policies, because we like to keep our club relaxed and encourage spontaneous friendship. However, when you join our club, there are some things you might like to know, or you need to know.

Our Privacy policy

We don’t share our membership contact information with anyone outside of the club. We ask all of our members to respect the privilege of having our member contact information and not use it for soliciting business or outside organization promotions. We do encourage you to use it to get in touch with other members you have met if you want to organize an ad hoc group to get together. Please, no mass mailings unless it is discussed and approved by the executive.

Activities policy

With the exception of our monthly luncheon meetings, our activities are organized and run by members, for members.

  • Membership in any activity is on a first come, first served basis and is reset at the beginning of September each year. Only paid members will be added as participants for activities.

  • All activities must have a least one convenor who is a member.

  • The convenor may set limits on the number of participants in her activity.

  • Activities may be withdrawn from Newcomers at the request of the convenor.

  • Please be considerate. Respect others’ time by showing up and leaving on schedule. Follow directions for letting others know of your attendance or change of plans. Pay your own way. Don’t take up space in a popular capped activity if you find you can’t make many of the gatherings.

  • Some activities include partners and guests, who must be accompanied by a member. Check the description of each activity to determine which this applies to.