2019-2020 EXECUTIVE

Our executive keep our club organized and coordinate events and activities for our membership. They are all volunteers. If you have suggestions for our executive, please send them by email to peninsulanewcomers@gmail.com

We currently have vacancy on our executive for the Publicity Coordinator position. If you are interested in helping out until June of this year, please contact us at the email address above.

President: Suzanne Vincent

Suzanne keeps us all on track and organized at our meetings. She is the face of PNC within the member community.

1st Vice President: Jeanette Yardley

Jeanette makes arrangements for our luncheon meeting venue and menus and acts as back up to Suzanne should she be away..

2nd Vice President: Elaine Pritchard

Elaine arranges for the speakers at our luncheons and also serves as back up to Jeanette & Suzanne if needed.

Secretary: Lynne Baker

Lynne records the member reports, discussions and decisions made by the executive at our monthly meetings.

Treasurer: Donna Allen

Donna takes care of the money part of running PNC and lets us know if we are meeting our financial targets.

Activity Coordinator: Linda MacAdam

Linda coordinates the convenors of all our regular group activities and makes sure people are able and eligible to sign up for them.

Email: activities.pnc@gmail.com

Hospitality Coordinator: Deborah Dodge

Deborah gets to meet every new member and welcome them at our luncheon meetings and new member teas.

Luncheon Coordinator: Judith Hollick

Judith takes care of collecting information on who is attending luncheon meetings? Have they paid? and What do they want to eat? That's 45-50 people every month from September to June.

Email: peninsulanewcomers@gmail.com

Membership Coordinator: Pat Montgomery

Pat tracks our membership and makes sure contact information is available for other PNC executive and members to access

Newsletter Coordinator: Hilary Phillips

The Communication Coordinator collates and distributes information to our members through the newsletter and email.

Email: newsletter.pnc@gmail.com

Publicity Coordinator: Juhli Farrell

Juhli maintains the Club’s website and is responsible for promoting and advertising Peninsula Newcomers to the broader community with the intent of attracting new members.

Email: pncpublicity@gmail.com